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Social Media Training for the Direct Sales-Network Marketing-MLM Industry

Your representatives are online and in the social media networks anyway… Why not give them the tools to monetize the time they are investing?  Karen Clark's unique approach to social media training reveals how to find the THREE things that every direct seller craves… bookings, new customers and ideal team members.  She does this by sharing her simple yet effective system for ATTRACTING, ENGAGING and ENROLLING their social media contacts.
Karen's fabulous three-step process:

  1. Attract – Maximize the power of search engines and the viral nature of social media to bring the right new people into your circle quickly.
  2. Engage – Implement Karen's unique heart-centered Social Media CPR strategy and the 90/10 rule to foster loyal connections in 15 minutes per day.
  3. Enroll – Advance relationships online and off to close business and develop loyal company advocates.

What makes Karen Clark different from other Social Media Trainers?

  • Her content – She educates audiences to use simple, easy to implement and profit-producing techniques.
  • Her delivery – She’s fun, friendly and inspires people to make the most of their social media time.
  • Her impact – Karen empowers students to stay focused, to be more efficient and to get results fast.

Taking her own direct selling business to the highest level of the compensation in less than seven years was just the start for Karen Clark. As the Director of Consultant Development for the corporation, she created training programs for the entire field for five years before founding her training company, My Business Presence. Karen has practical experience in the field giving her a unique ability to reach audience member – they find her approachable and relatable because she's been there!

As a fierce advocate for the direct selling industry, Karen has been honored with two Direct Selling Women's Alliance awards - the Spirit Award in 2008 and the Ambassador of the Year award in 2010. Now a sought after speaker and co-author of two books, Incredible Business and Direct Selling Power, and trainer in the online course, Take Action Social Media, Karen is dedicated to helping all entrepreneurs and independent direct sales representatives learn smart and ethical Internet marketing strategies.

Karen is available for keynotes, breakouts or workshops at national conventions, regional conferences, leader retreats, and sales team meetings throughout the US and internationally. She travels from San Francisco, California.

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